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The professional groomers we select can be nothing less than exceptional in grooming expertise, quality, attitude, and overall demeanor with dogs. You must provide pictures of your quality work as well as demonstrate your grooming skills as part of the interview process. We also require references! To work as a spaw specialist, or bather, you must be a minimum of 17 years old to work at That Dirty Dog. If you are under 18, a work permit is required. Other requirements: must love dogs, must be great at multi-tasking, a fast mover, have a love of detail cleaning and organization, have held a previous customer service position.

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Thanks so much for applying to join our team! While we cannot correspond with all applicants, we will review all applications submitted. Should we decide to move to the next step, you will receive an email or phone call based on the information you supplied. Thanks again, and have a terrific day!