Here's What Our Clients Are Saying....

I cannot begin to tell you how much easier it is to wash my dog at That Dirty Dog. I have Dixie, a Great Dane who is over 100 pounds, and the large, walk-in tubs make washing her a real breeze. They really have thought this thing through - quality shampoos, ear cleaning pads, extra gentle face wash, aprons, drying rooms - literally everything you need to make the exprience fast, convenient, and more enjoyable. The staff is very friendly and you can tell they really love dogs. I think Dixie even likes her baths, too. We use That Dirty Dog every week to keep Dixie looking and smelling fresh and clean - and the fact that it helps me save water versus bathing her at home is a plus, too. Keep up the great work!

Dave Alexander

My Great Dane Pup Bogey got his first bath before his first show this weekend!  He won two blue ribbons - got two first places!  And I know it was cause he was so clean, smelled good and was so shiney!  We will definitely bath him there before each show - his lucky bath at That Dirty Dog!


It was our first visit, and the ladies were very helpul in showing me what to do. I liked everything!  It was very easy and so much fun! I did love the no tears face clenser.


Everything was very clean, staff was VERY nice.  Annie has never smelled so good and she was in and out in 40 minutes.  Staff was very helpful and friendly.


Sadie looked perfect.  Cindy cut her exactly the way I wanted her too.  Sadie was happy when I picked her up and that means a lot.  Thank you so much.  We'll be back again! Service was great.  Everyone was very friendly.


Enjoyed the visit and so did my dog. I felt like my dog was in good hands, that he was safe and happy, that the place was clean... and no one made fun of me and how much in need of a "day of beauty" my dog was!


My visit was excellent, you have a very friendly and helpful staff of employees who were very helpful.  Your facility is so nice and very clean which is great. I really liked the dryer room-I was able to get my dogs dry which is often not available at self-wash centers.


Great visit.  Very quick turnaround from drop-off to pick-up.  Sadie looks great. Fast and well done.


We had a wonderful first visit. The furminator really did an excellent job, as Ruby isn't shedding at all, right now. We plan to bring her back and get her groomed in two weeks. The person who took care of Ruby, really cares about animals. Thanks for a job very well done!!

Laura Strausberger

I'm over the top with how clean, soft, handsome and happy my little man (Coconut) looks and feels. I believe it was his first visit to a groomer and experience of a bath.Liked Most: I liked that I could watch and be there to support my little man in his first bathing. He did it like a champ!! I knew that Coconut was being handled and cared for by dog lovers!!

Deidre Robe

Our dog, Sandy, had a great time at your "spa" and looked extremely handsome when we picked him up. Thanks for such great service!

Llsa Acenbrak

I loved my experience there. I was raving to all my family and friends about your dog spaw. I moved to the Atlanta area about 1 1/2 years ago and have YET, till now, found a good groomer for my little baby. I've been to so many places and had bad experiences, including bad hair cuts, cuts and Chi being scared. Now that I've found you guys and am more than pleased with your service I will know now my baby is in good hands when I drop her off.



I didn't have to break my back giving her a bath and she didn't fight me either! It was a comfortable envirnoment--clean and well organized.

Martha Harris

Bleu smelled so wonderful, I couldn't stop cuddling him! I especially loved the little "That Dirty Dog" bandana and homemade treats. His nails were very well done and his tear spots were cleaned well, too. I know he is very timid and shy, and I feel like you all treated him the way he loves to be treated. Sometimes when I pick him up from the groomer, he's crying a lot, whining, and alone in a small cage. I was so surprised to see that your holding cage was spacious enough for him to be able to look around and know what was going on. He was even resting in a little bed when I got there! It was just like his spot at home. As soon as I got there he was so happy, and not scared at all. Overall, I was very impressed, and will bring him back in the future. For now, he still smells very nice and his nails are looking good!

Thank You Very Much,

Medina & Bleu

Ivy had a great time! I must say I was skeptical at first with what the Furminator could do but Ivy’s shedding had decreased drastically. We plan on coming back for a visit every couple of months. Happy Holidays!

Murphy had a great time at the spaw. We will definitely be back. It was very convenient for us and the girls that were there were so helpful and friendly. The staff looked as though they were having as good of a time as we were. The little bag of treats and the kerchief were a nice touch.

Thanks and best of luck to you all. We will definitely spread the word.

Take care,

Missy Trice (Murphy’s mom)

I'm AJ's mom! Thanks so much for the follow-up! AJ looks great and Stephen (the groomer - I believe that was his name) did an excellent job! I appreciated the attention to detail about AJ having a cut on his neck that I didn't know about. He got into a tussle with his "sister" and she won that round! But I hadn't noticed the wound. So that was good that he spotted that!

We will be back - for sure!

Thanks so much!

Kim Hoy & AJ

It was a great first experience. My kids remarked how nice Oliver smelled when we got home. His coat definitely felt thinned out and very soft. It was a very reasonably priced service also. The treats were a nice treat! I will be back and I will tell my friends.


Beth Wadella

I just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased with my haircut. .Everyone at That Dirty Dog was very nice and pleasant to me. . I am really happy that my owner was referred to you all and that she decided to bring me.

Thank you again for a very pleasant visit. I was not scared at all!!.


Casey Boulay

The visit was terrific!! We're sorry it took us so long to notice you guys. Our rescue older golden(Moose) isn't thrilled about baths, but loved all the activity there. We always bathe him at home, but we're selling our home and didn't want to get everything a mess, so we came.Your staff was so helpful and friendly- we will NEVER give him a bath at home again.

Pat Waters

WOW! I continue to be impressed by you guys!!! I have to share this story with you..We got Phoebe this spring and we were warned about having a cockapoo and needing to have regular grooming, etc.We have just opened a business - Spin City Table Tennis - 10 days ago and needless to say, leading up to our visit on Saturday am, we had not been so good about her "daily brush", etc! (result = mat city - do I sound like the guilty mom!). We had brought Phoebe to my daughter's soccer game, where she romped & had a ball & got dirtier & messier .then once we got in the car, Hans & I were laughing with the kids and said this dirty dog need to visit That Dirty Dog!!!

Just wanted to reply that Book was very calm and happy when I picked him up and he looked absolutely beautiful. Stephen did a great job on Book...Book was a mess when he was brought in (I had been trying to wait for Roswell Animal Hospital to get their groomer situation sorted out!) and to have Book come out looking so great and so happy was a real treat for me and, most importantly, Book You have a new customer thanks to Stephen!!!

Therese, Moray and Book!

Thanks for the followup! Our experience was great at That Dirty Dog! I'm hoping the Furminator holds on for a while! My experience on Sunday along with your followup, makes me a Raving Fan of your establishment! I also appreciate that you give a 10% discount to therapy dogs. Both Brumbi and Stripe are Happy Tails pet therapists. Again, thanks for checking up! We'll be back regularly!

Gail Mason

Thanks for the email. I had a very good experience with you guys. It was the first place I have taken her for grooming that the staff seemed to really love dogs/animals. I think that is very important. I plan to continue to use your service.


Kelley Tedder

We want to thank Maximus Pearl for letting us know about this was wonderful!!!! We love that there is a fence around the tubs so that we don't have to worry about the other dogs while we're bathing one of them. Windy keeps asking when she can come and get another bath :) We will definately be back!


Leslie and Chris...Adak, Windy Woo and Ash

Jake is a lab-golded mix and boy was he shedding...he was actually molting! The furminator was the best money I have ever spent! He loved the experience, and he's usually quite timid and nervous, but he did wonderfully, he almost didn't want to leave! It's been over 2 weeks since his visit and he is still barely shedding. He's got a whole new attitude now, almost as if he's strutting around so proud of himself. That Dirty Dog and the furminator has made Jake's life more enjoyable and made cleaning my house a LOT easier! Our family thanks you, Jake thanks you and my vacuum cleaner thanks you! We'll be back!!

Ti Klen-Albritton

We LOVED That Dirty Dog. Your staff were so helpful and nice. My kids and I had a great time and it's fun to have something new that my kids and I can do together. They had more fun than I did!! I love the option to bathe Aspen myself and not have to own my own equipment. It's so easy in your big tubs. I also liked your good selection of shampoos (loved the lavender). I also like that I can come whenever it's convenient to me, which will make it much easier for her to get her baths on a regular basis. And, since she's been sick (cancer) and she's almost 12, it's nice not to have to leave her. We'll be back soon, and I'll be sure to refer my friends and neighbors.

Thanks for asking for feedback.

Adrienne Bruckman

I did get a chance to meet you when I picked up Duke & Duchess. It was my second visit since I had been by a few days before to have Duke's nails trimmed. Everyone there is so nice and friendly and so good with the dogs. It's a happy place. Duke and Duchess came home all fluffy and beautiful (handsome in Duke's case). I will certainly be back as I am very happy with the services and employees.

I LOVE That Dirty Dog, what a wonderful concept. Everyone was friendly and down to earth, showed me how to use everything from bath to blow drying to what brush was best for the undercoat. I've already told my friends about That Dirty Dog and gave directions to the place so they could go. I have always enjoyed washing my own dogs, and your facility provided everything that I look for and need to we can have an enjoyable time but also safe for other customers, myself, and my dogs.... Thank you, and yes, I will be back!! I will quickly become a regular, as I like to wash my dogs every 3-4 weeks!!

Thank you!!